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Der Kurs findet im Regelfall als Blockveranstaltung im Februar/März statt. Planungsbedingte Änderungen bleiben vorbehalten.

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Software Development as an activity in a customer-supplier relationship needs to consider many aspects beyond pure programming and technical skills. It starts from understanding the customer needs over scoping, demand management up to a timely and costly delivery. This needs to consider potential changes as well as the connected risks. Furthermore the difference between a piece of Software and a Softwareproduct will be elaborated and the resulting impacts analysed. All of this will be placed in a commercial context.

This lecture will provide the student with a comprehensive overview of such a process in reality and methods to succeed.

The skills will be applied in an interactive case study.

Setup of the Lecture

  • Introductory lessons with theory, practical examples, process and methods
  • Interactive Case study in teams to deepen the skills and apply lessons learned
  • Presentation of Results, Lessons learnt and Reflections on Case Study
  • The Lecture will be held in English language
  • Block Course of 40 hours


Schriftliche Prüfung über bis zu 2h, oder mündliche Prüfung über 30min. Das Ergebnis dieser Prüfung bestimmt die Benotung.



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